noviruz Lite Gard

by Eris Lifesciences Ltd.

Rs. 2,980.00

What’s in the box:

1 UV wand with 9 bulbs

USB connector

2-pin plug 


Various studies conducted globally have shown that sterilization by UV rays of wavelength has proven to be effective against Covid-19 virus along with other viruses, bacteria and fungi. 

Lite-gard with its unique, portable design works on the same principle of UV sterilization. With its quick, less than 30secs action, and an easy to use portable design Lite gard is a must have for every household

How it works:

Face the UV bulbs on the surface to be disinfected

Rotate dial to turn on the UV wand

Shine on the surface for 20-30 seconds for effective action

Only to be used on inanimate objects  

Ideal for use:

Grocery bags, fruits & veggies

Banknotes, newspapers & pamphlets

Delivery packages & boxes

Elevator button, door knobs & keys

Regular electronic items


Does not need to be charged frequently

Durable and long life

Affordable for home/office usage in long term

Easy to carry when travelling



The item will be dispatched in 5 days and delivery will be done in 10-12 days 

Please note that the MRP of the product is inclusive of all taxes.

Country of origin: China


    -Be careful to avoid accidental ingestion.

    -Keep out of reach of children.

    -Increase ventilation if you feel discomfort by smell of card from this product. (Please note that the product concentration will be stronger during the first few days of use.)

    -Avoid exposing the product to heat and direct sun during use and when storing.

    -Do not use this product for purposes other than those indicated here.

    -Avoid direct contact with precious metals or precision machinery.

    -Do not use next to coloured fabrics, as this product can cause bleaching.

    -Wipe off immediately if spilled.

    Active Disinfection by Killing Viruses, Bacteria and Microbes

    Fully Secures Your Home, Office and Car

    Pocket Friendly

    Compact and Lightweight